man wearing blindfold in a row of men carrying a religious float
man in black hood and white gloves walking through street in Spain
procession of men wearing green robes with rose petals walking through a street
close up of  man wearing red hood
men wearing white robes and blue head pieces gather in a street in Malaga Spain
man wearing a white robe and white hood covering his face against a white wall
men in a procession carrying a religious float in Spain
man in black hooded costume standing in a dark doorway
young boy wearing a white religious shirt and red bow surrounded by people in bright clothing
man wearing blue hooded cloak carrying a silver religious cross
young girl dressed in shepherds outfit kneeling down on the street surrounded by other girls
men wearing purple cloaks and white gloves carrying a coffin on a street in Malaga Spain
Spanish priest walking through a procession in Malaga, Spain
group of men take a break from carrying a procession in Malaga, Spain
priest carrying a thurible surrounded by men in tall hats
man wearing a brown cloak and white gloves takes a break from carrying a religious float
men wearing hoods walking through streets
men wearing purple hoods and white cloaks gather together in a street in Spain
boy wearing biblical costume in the street
group of men walking through street wearing black tall hoods
young man wearing religious attire carrying a cross in Spain
men wearing hoods and robes in a small street in Malaga, Spain
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