A young marching band member with a grey hat and red shirt stares into the camera.
 Two adolescent boys wearing traditional band uniforms inspect their instuments
Two boys with red coats and white hats stand with their backs turned
a young boy with red hair wearing a blue uniform stands with his drum.
a group of marching band members assemble with their instuments.
a large group of men wearing red shirts pose for a photograph .
four young boys wearing white shirt and black hats stand beside a drum.
a young boy wearing a red coat stands in the middle of the road with his fellow band member behind.
a young band member wearing a white shirt and white gloves holds a grey hat.
An adolescent make sits in the back of a van with a union jack flag stuck to the door
a group of marching band member gather before they play their instruments
a man in a decorative jacket and black and red hat stares intensely.
a line of marching band members play their instruments on a street.
 a young drummer boy wearing a navy shirt and white hat holds a large drum.
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